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【影片名称】:小姐妹 Little Sisters (1972)(强奸剧情稀缺资源)

    母亲与她的女儿艾米莉和坎迪住在一辆拖车在树林里。刘慧卿和坎迪后被绑架的邪恶驻留在一个空的游泳池,母亲的海盗集团必须进危险森林踏上危险的旅程为了拯救他们。母亲遇到唱歌易装癖者、 女同性恋岗、 同性恋的僧侣,教派和乐于助人矮人名叫德里克对她的跋涉,找到她的女儿。

A mother lives in a trailer in the woods with her daughters Emily and Kandi. After Emily and Kandi are abducted by a nefarious group of

pirates who reside in an empty swimming pool, the mother must embark on a perilous journey into the dangerous forest in order to save them.

The mother encounters singing transvestites, a lesbian gang, a sect of homosexual monks, and a helpful dwarf named Derek on her trek to find

her daughters.